GridBee Floating Spray Nozzle THM Removal Systems are generally the most effective solution for THM removal in clearwells and tanks. 

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Medora Corporation's GridBee Floating Spray Nozzle THM Removal Systems are high-performance systems that
are easy to install and have the lowest cost in the market. View a THM removal system comparison table, or download a performance and energy comparison brochure for floating vs. fixed spray nozzle system types.

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Blower Ground-Mounted Blower

Proven results with guaranteed performance!

  • Results to date exceed THM removal design goals
  • Systems can be designed for virtually all sizes and any THM reduction desired
  • Results include clients across the country with different climates, water sources, and TTHM profiles
  • Medora Corporation offers no-cost THM testing to all clients for results verification
  • Performance is guaranteed
  • Contact us to learn more or schedule a conference call or webinar for your organization

THM Results
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Here are the main features:

  • Four machine sizes: 3 hp, 5 hp, 10 hp, and 15 hp
  • Systems scalable for clearwells and tanks from 10,000 gallons to 100,000,000 gallons, and tank flow rates up to 100,000,000 gallons per day
  • Hydraulic system design allows for partial or total shutdown of units during periods of low TTHM, without losing any mixing required for
    prevention of ice damage or maintaining top water quality
  • Because there are no significant friction or lifting losses, 98% of the energy consumed by the pump is converted to stripping TTHM at the
    nozzle assembly, compared to 50-60% for fixed-ceiling nozzle design
  • Patented long-life nozzle and intake design treat all incoming water, minimize THM formation downstream
  • Two THM removal nozzle models are available, a “NC” non-clog design, and a Cone design.  The NC nozzle has a larger spray footprint than the cone design, but it can pass nearly 0.5 inch solids.
  • Ventilation blowers for headspace included with all systems
  • All models fit through a 24"x24" or larger hatch opening, eliminating the need to install a new larger hatch or special lifting
  • Factory installation is usually available for entire system except the wiring by the local electrician
  • No infrastructure piping is required, and no modifications to the tank or clearwell other than small access openings for wire and the
    headspace air ventilation
  • Small footprint units are easily movable and removable for any future interior tank work
    All GridBee/Solarbee Potable Mixing Products are Certified To NSF/ANSI standard 61 & NSF/ANSI standard 372 for lead free content
  • If the TTHM problem changes, this equipment is portable and can easily be moved to another area of town or else sold to another water
  • Low-maintenance, long-life design
  • Two year parts and labor warranty, factory maintenance plans available
  • Full-scale pilot studies can be provided, with purchase options

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