When potable water systems experience high levels of trihalomethanes (THMs), mixing alone may not lower the THM concentration enough to comply with the 80 ug/L locational running average limit specified in the EPA Stage 2 Disinfectants and Disinfection Byproducts Rule (Stage 2 DBPR).

Medora Corporation has developed effective and economical THM removal solutions to ensure compliance with the EPA Stage 2 DBPR. We offer both spray nozzle and diffused aeration systems; our application engineering team will help you design the right system sized for your needs. All systems can be installed with little or no infrastructure changes, and can be rented first and converted to a purchase later.


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Floating Spray Nozzle Systems


Hydraulic considerations: Certain hydraulic issues must be considered when designing a THM removal solution for a potable water system, such as whether the water to be treated will be sure to enter the storage tank. If not, it may be necessary to remove the THMs further upstream in the system, such as at the clearwell of the water treatment plant.

Once you've determined that in-tank treatment is feasible, it is important to size the mixing component of the THM removal solution to the inflow rate of the tank. This will ensure that new water entering the tank is picked up and mixed thoroughly with the tank contents. In this way the new water, which is rich with THMs, is not allowed to short-circuit and leave the tank on the next draw cycle.

Floating Spray Nozzle THM Removal System

Floating Spray Nozzle
THM Removal System


Tank Adapter Spray Nozzle THM Removal System

Tank Adapter Spray Nozzle
THM Removal System

Spray Nozzle THM Removal Systems: Medora Corporation offers several sizes and types of spray nozzle systems. Pre-packaged and portable, spray nozzle systems are customer- or contractor-installable; typically there is no need to enter or drain the tank. Modular and scalable design allows for multiple systems when necessary. Final design will be dependent on tank inflow rate and THM concentration. View a cost estimate matrix for our floating spray nozzle systems, or compare different spray nozzle technologies here.


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Cost Estimate Matrix


Diffused Aeration THM Removal System: The diffused aeration system is designed for tanks and clearwells with high flow; headspace is not an issue. Dependable floating air diffusers are shallow-set to allow the use of a low-energy turbine blower resulting in very little energy consumption.

THM Removal System with SB10000PW
Diffused Aeration
THM Removal System with SB10000PW


THM Removal System with GS-12
Diffused Aeration
THM Removal System with GS-12

Benefits with Medora Corporation: Regardless of which system is chosen, and whether it is installed at the clearwell or in a potable water tank, there are benefits that you can rely on:

  • Effective and reliable for removing all four types of regulated THMs
  • Mixing component sized to handle the inflow rate of your tank; can be left on in winter to prevent ice damage to tank
  • THM component designed to handle the species and concentration of THMs in your water,
    to ensure compliance wiith EPA Stage 2 DBPR
  • Installed with little or no infrastructure changes; no need to drain tank
  • Self-adjusting to varying water depths
  • Optional SCADA outputs available
  • NSF-approved materials used throughout
  • Economical to purchase;  can be rented first and converted to a purchase later
  • Full factory support ranging from application engineering and design up-front, to factory
    delivery and installation, to factory-trained field service post-sale

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Medora Corporation is the recipient of an EPA Small Business Innovation Research Grant in the Spring of 2012 to further the research and development of TTHM reduction in potable water distribution systems.

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