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GS Series Mixers

GridBee GS-9, GS-12,
and GS-14 Mixers

GS-12 Mixing Performance Summary

Mixing Performance

GS-12 CFD Modeling

CFD Modeling

GridBee GS submersible electric mixers: Starting at just $6,000, our GridBee GS mixers combine superior mixing performance with the lowest lifecycle cost on the market. Just plug in and mix - performance is guaranteed! Performance is supported via independent computational fluid dynamics modeling (CFD; available for tanks from 1 MG to 20 MG), customer before-and-after profile data, and customer case studies.

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GS-12 mixer about to be installed through hatch behind the box GS-12 Potable Tank Mixer Chemical injection hose attached to GS-12 mixer GS-12 control box GS-12 installed in tank Lifting a GS-12 with chain tools

GridBee GS Series electric mixer features:

  • Single-phase power mixers available in 120 (GS-9, GS-12) or 240 volts (GS-12, GS-14)
  • Three-phase power mixers available in 230 or 460 volts
  • Both 60Hz And 50Hz models are available
  • Install through 12" hatch; no need to enter or drain tank
  • Suspension kit included to keep mixer off tank floor if desired

Medora Corporation's potable water products are certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 61,
including Annex G for low-lead content. Learn more


Installation overview: typical installation depicted in a ground storage tank

GS Series typical installation


What's in the box? GS Series package contents:

GS Series Mixer package contents

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